Friday, October 31, 2008

Zurich highlights.

Arrived in Zurich a little late bc we got in so late from the soccer
game. Zurich is sweet very nice architecture and cool city vibe. It is
much bigger than we thought. We walked around this crazy shopping
distirict. They have more shops than anywhere else I have seen. I
guess it is world famous. It us very beautiful because it is on the
-A pigeon attacked jon trying to take his bread.
-really cold but we aclimated quickly.
-took us forever to find food. We didn't realize how exspensive food
is here. Finaly we excepted it and paid up.
-were worried the iPhone would go out of power. So we turned it off
and when we left to drive to luzern and because of this we followed
street signs and we ended up driving through 30 cities and took easily
hundreds of turns! And probably saw 100 luzern signs it was nuts.

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