Tuesday, January 25, 2005

My Car was jacked!! This is what remains.

Well as some of you know my car was broken into last week, and here are the pics. They will be replacing the whole dash area and I will be getting a new CD player, amp and sub. Also, the point of entry, the window, it was broken but has already been replaced do to the excellent costumer service of 21st century insurance. All of my CD's are gone for good they wont replace those, that has to be covered by homeowners insurance. I will post some more pics after it gets fixed, so you can see the before and after.

Also, I was thinking, if you are going to steel something like this, couldn't you just be a little more professional and be a little more clean. Seriously, they ripped my car to shreds there. The guy who came to appraise it said they really messed my car up and it usually is not that bad. When I got to my car, there was stuff all over the place, I cleaned it up a little and it looks much better now, as you can see in the pics. Basically, if they are going to steal this stuff then do it with some class, the appraiser said they looked like they didn't know what they were doing, NEWBS!! Also, to top off there classiness they even stumped low enough to take my excellent pair of fingernail clippers, JERKS!

Well to be honest, I am not upset, when something like this happens you realize you really didn't need that stuff anyways, so whatever, it could be worse. Anyways here it is.