Monday, November 03, 2008

On our way home

Katon, looking sad as he says goodbye to Paris

To the airport!

Every hour at night the tower goes crazy

Those girls talked us into going to the Eiffel tower, this was trying to go up their elevator to drop stuff off before we left

That Champs street at night

A nice night walk by the river

Met these two girls on the train into Paris, and happened to find them in a museum, so they came and hungout with us more.

Cool painting

Museum D'Orsay

Outside notre dame

The louvre garden

The louvre garden

A sweet church

Nice lighting!

In notre dame during mass.

The louvre

Jeremy at it again.

The louvre

Paris river at night

Notre Dame in the front

Notre Dame

The Pantheon in Paris

This is a "mini-skirt" in Paris, haha

We met back up with Josh, and met up with Jeremy for our Paris adventures

Shea, what is this sweet motorcycle with two front wheels?!?

The veteran's place at night

The crepe lady!