Friday, October 31, 2008

I will finish blogging later. Internet sucks here. Off to Dijon.


Woke up in luzern.

Zurich highlights.

Arrived in Zurich a little late bc we got in so late from the soccer
game. Zurich is sweet very nice architecture and cool city vibe. It is
much bigger than we thought. We walked around this crazy shopping
distirict. They have more shops than anywhere else I have seen. I
guess it is world famous. It us very beautiful because it is on the
-A pigeon attacked jon trying to take his bread.
-really cold but we aclimated quickly.
-took us forever to find food. We didn't realize how exspensive food
is here. Finaly we excepted it and paid up.
-were worried the iPhone would go out of power. So we turned it off
and when we left to drive to luzern and because of this we followed
street signs and we ended up driving through 30 cities and took easily
hundreds of turns! And probably saw 100 luzern signs it was nuts.

Anyone want a huge pretzle?

Food is crazy exspensive!! 20 bucks for basic meals!

Jeremy feeding the pigeons. Then one attacked jon for his bread.

Roasted chestnuts on an open fire! These ate sold all over Switzerland.

Oooo the franc! So beautiful.

Going into Swiss mountains.

Off to Zurich!

Hello Switzerland!

Mcdonalds ate nice in Europe! I am not joking.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

No photo blogging for now. Our hotel in Switzerland does

Not have wifi. Everything cost a lot here even though the franc is
less than the dollar. We hope to not go bankrupt here.

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The day of greatness and insanity!

Today was sweet. The castle was so awesome. It was like a Disney
castle for sure but cooler! We really liked it a lot and really
enjoyed the drive there. The second half of the day was different. We
made it to Frankfurt ok. But we didn't get ahold of sven's sister till
later and didn't realize where they lived. It was ok but we started
driving there and got crazy lost on the highways! We drove down a
highway that didn't have am exit for 15 minutes. Well we finally made
it to the game 30 minutes into the first half. It was awesome. The
Frankfurt fans were like an army. Chants and arm motions of perfect
unison. After the game it took us over an hour to find our car. It
sucked! We finally did after walking in the rain forever. Anyways we
made it home at 2am and got some zzzz. Now off to Zurich!

Jeremy with his new scarf. Snazzy!

Contemplating the lose. Haha

On the bus ride back to the car. It was packed!

Game over. Frankfurt 1- bayern Munich 2

Finally made it to the game!!

Jeremy exhausted from our berg eltz adventure!

Jeremy and I taking in the view!

Oh lunch goodness. Brawts as usual.


Straight magic!!

The castle!!!!

Had to do quite a walk to get there

Burg Eltz Castle!!

The amazing drive to Burg Eltz castle

Fields before the castle

On our way to berg eltz castle!

Crazy fog on the autobahn

Breakfast by the church

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

At one of the castles we ran into assasin rogers!! Deadly!

Seeing crazy awesome fall colors.
Going to largest US airforce base
Seeing 4 castles!
Eating gyros
Going to Frankenstein!
Going to bernkastel kues( like a Disney cartoon but better! )
Dude in wine store!
Dinner with deb and fam
Pretty much the castles were amazing!

Debs costume and crazy quote. Haha

Typical building in the village, felt like disneyland!

Bernkastel-kues, crazy Disney-like village, Crazy!!! Best village so far

Having a cup of tea inside a castle!!!

More village pics

We went to Frankenstein!!!!

The colors are amazing here!!

Village view from the castle

It's castle time!!

Good morning Germany

Sven got us tickets to the Frankfurt vs Bayern Munich!! We can't wait! Thanks Sven!