Thursday, October 30, 2008

The day of greatness and insanity!

Today was sweet. The castle was so awesome. It was like a Disney
castle for sure but cooler! We really liked it a lot and really
enjoyed the drive there. The second half of the day was different. We
made it to Frankfurt ok. But we didn't get ahold of sven's sister till
later and didn't realize where they lived. It was ok but we started
driving there and got crazy lost on the highways! We drove down a
highway that didn't have am exit for 15 minutes. Well we finally made
it to the game 30 minutes into the first half. It was awesome. The
Frankfurt fans were like an army. Chants and arm motions of perfect
unison. After the game it took us over an hour to find our car. It
sucked! We finally did after walking in the rain forever. Anyways we
made it home at 2am and got some zzzz. Now off to Zurich!

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