Friday, July 31, 2009

Slowly but surely!

So tonight I was not able to sculpt as much because David showed us how to make some sculpting tools. It was awesome because we got to use a torch and heat metal up till it turned red! It was like we were in the mid evil times. Also I realized I have been a bit timid putting the clay on when I sculpt, so the later part of the class I started being more aggressive with it. I cant wait till next class, I think I will progress much more, I am starting to get the hang of it.


Joel said...

Killer macro shot on the first one with the torch. I remember the first time you messed around with Jeanne's camera taking macro shots a few years ago before buying your own camera. Good times.

Anyway, nice progress with the sculpture. Who is this modeled after? If you want some constructive criticism from someone who could NEVER even come close to doing something like this, let me know. Haha.

Katon said...

Yeah i like that pic also, but these are all taken with this 50mm i have. the canon 50mm 1.4, it is sweet!

Feel free to give any comments you like, haha it is hard cause i can see what I need it to look like but sometimes have a hard time executing it cause i am learning how to use clay.